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A strategic approach to CSR is increasingly important to the competitiveness of enterprises in terms of risk management, cost savings, access to capital, customer relationships, human resource management, and innovation capacity. The Fruit Juice CSR Platform support and facilitates collaboration on this important topic and ensures that the whole supply chain is involved, progress is monitored and the sector’s commitment, activities and progress on CSR is communicated in a transparent way.

Are you interested in CSR or working on CSR in your supply chain(s)? These are the benefits for joining the Juice CSR Platform and its Working Groups:

  • Contribution to the long-term success of the juice sector, by working in a neutral, pre-competitive and collaborative environment
  • Gaining insight into the newest CSR trends and opportunities
  • Motivation by practical insight in how to implement the CSR principles developed for the juice sector
  • Use of the Platform’s shared learning to strengthen and demonstrate your CSR action(s)
  • Improvement of supplier relations by providing them access to guidance on implementing the CSR Principles and to joint collaborative programs that help deal with the root causes of environmental, economic​  and social challenges
  • Saving of costs and energy by participating in collaborative implementation programs / pilot projects, while avoiding work duplication and increasing impact

The Juice CSR Platform started in 2013 with 8 members, but due to growing interest across the value chain, has now expanded to 48 members. Active working groups are on oranges in Brazil, pineapples in Thailand and berries/apples in Europe.

To read about membership categories, membership fees and application process click here Juice CSR Platform membership application or contact us directly at

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“We are working on increasing the visibility of the whole supply chain, working individually as a company and trying to cooperate with the rest of the juice sector through initiatives such as the Juice CSR Platform in order to multiply the effects of our efforts. It is such a complex structure, that we think working as a platform is important to make the change.” – Olimpia Ortiz González, Quality Management Systems & CSR, AMC

“Sustainability is part of Citri’s life, but only one company cannot change the way agriculture is managed. We need to bring more initiatives together to make it stronger, and also to pass the message to consumers that there are more sustainably sourced products available on the market.” – Daniel Strauss, Director, Strauss Juices and Commodities, and Commercial representative, Citri agroindustria

“I think the Juice Sector CSR Roadmap is a really a good piece of work and has the potential to be a great sectoral example on how the UN Global Compact’s Food and Agriculture Business Principles can be applied.” – Puvan Selvanathan, Head of Agriculture, UN Global Compact

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  • Coca-Cola
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  • Eckes Granini
  • Edeka
  • Fairtrade
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